Monday, July 7, 2008

What's In A Name

In case anyone was curious where I got the name for this little diversion of mine I figured I'd shed a little light on the matter. If you're not curious then I guess you can get back to doing something productive with your time. Yeah, I don't want to either.

Anyways, it started with me making some sort of smart ass comment about parenting. Can't quite remember what it was but it got any eye roll from my wife so it must have been a good one. I responded to her eye roll by saying that I'm so good at parenting I should have my own show. A supportive "I'd like to see that" was all the encouragement I needed. I sent Discovery Channel an email, mostly out of spite I think, and then it's just sort of evolved from there into this. Here's the actual email.

Dear Discovery Channel,

I'm hoping you can help fulfill my father's day wish. I would like my own show about parenting called Dave's Guide to Parenting, Why My Wife is Always Wrong. In the area of parenting my "credentials' come from being a stay at home dad of 2 children for the past 3 years. My girls, ages three and one and a half, have made it this far without serious injuries, criminal records, or substance abuse problems so I figure I must be doing something right. That puts me ahead of most of the parents of young celebrities who are always writing books on parenting or giving advice on the subject.

I would have three goals with this show. First, I'd like to be able to help regular guys like me be better dads. At the very least, make them feel less guilty about their own personal parenting shortcomings. Second, getting paid would be nice. A little extra income on top of the jobs my wife and I have would certainly help to offset the rising price of gas. Third, and most important, having my own show about parenting would really quiet my wife. Any time a parenting disagreement arouse I could just say, "Do you have your own tv show about parenting?" That would be so sweet. If you could help make that dream come true, I'd be forever grateful. If you can't, then could you help me to meet the Mythbusters or at least get a t-shirt? That would also be cool. Thanks for your time.

A loyal viewer,

P.S. When is Shark Week?

To date, I haven't gotten anything but an automated response so I'm still hoping for a real reply or, dare I dream, a Mythbusters t-shirt.

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FellowHGer said...

I think you should send that off to TLC or Bravo. You should get your own show!