Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish

It's nice when a day that starts out crappy gets turned around. Yesterday, I got to wake up with a ringing phone waiting for me. On the other end was my wife letting me know the car broke down on the way to work and she was at the garage getting it fixed. "Oh damn. Are you sure loud squealing and grinding noises are really that bad? Just turn the radio up." Turns out that is the sort of thing that requires immediate attention. Almost seven hundred dollars later and it was ready to go. "Yeah, I didn't feel like paying all the bills this month anyways."

So forking out that kind of money before noon when I didn't plan to usually means the day is shot. I have to admit it got better though. Since my wife didn't go to work because the car wouldn't let her, she decided we were going to go swimming when she got home. We quickly gathered up the swimsuits and towels and were out the door. Who would have thought a public pool would be crowded on a hot summer day? I know, I was surprised too. Surprised my wife didn't expect there to be so many people there. "Oh really? How about after this we go get some ice cream and then go to the beach? I'm sure nobody is doing that either." We managed to stake out a little corner for the kids to have fun in. They had a blast which of course is contagiously mood brightening. After an hour we decided to leave since I figure that's almost the point where the ratio of water to little kid pee starts to lean toward the disgusting side. I was feeling pretty good when we left. Then I remembered they had gymnastics at 4:30.

While driving there I had flashbacks to last week that I can only describe as Apocalypse Now-esque (oh, the horror) I was not optimistic about how the class was going to go. I braced myself for the inevitable car wreck as I watched the clock inch closer and closer to 4:30. The time came and nothing. The big one went off with the other kids and the instructor without so much as looking back. "Are you serious? Am I about to be Punk'd?" My excitement was only increased when a couple of the other kids in her class started crying and had to be tended to by their parents. "Yes, it's not mine. It's not mine!" Just a tip, don't actually yell that out in the viewing area. The other parents generally consider that sort of gloating to be a tad bit dickish. It wasn't perfect though. The little one decided she needed both her parents with her but compared to last week that was a cake walk.

I was so euphoric after gymnastics that we went to the park to play. My wife dropped us off at the park around the corner and then went home to cook supper. We played for about half an hour before getting the call to come home. I understand sand is fun to play on and soft for falling on but it gets everywhere. I still have sand in my hair, not to mention several crevices. Small price to pay though because by the time bedtime rolled around they were exhausted. They were asleep with very little effort on our part. "I don't care if it only took fifteen minutes, I'm still taking credit for this bedtime. It does so count." Apparently, the combination of swimming, gymnastics, and playground fun is the magic recipe for an easy bedtime. Top it all of with an All Star Game that went fifteen innings, ending with a close play at the plate, and I'd say the day definitely turned around. Now if that stupid car would just cooperate we'd be all set.

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