Sunday, July 27, 2008

ER Visit #1

It's been less than two years since we dealt with pregnancy around here. It's easy to forget all the stuff that goes into it. The getting pregnant part has never been a problem for us (didn't mean for that to sound like bragging). It's the aftermath that always proves interesting. By aftermath I mean the Hyperemesis. If you're not sure what that is the click here. Also, if you don't know what it is then how the heck did you find my site in the first place?

Anyways, the HG seems to have hit full force yesterday. Suddenly the ultrasound and the concerns it raised didn't seem quite as important. After a full day of throwing up, 28 at last count, my wife made her first ER trip this pregnancy for fluids. Vomiting that much leaves you dehydrated, as well as tired and emotional. After going through this twice and spending a fair bit of time in ER's, I've got to say that can be one interesting place to be.

It's generally boring as hell but all the waiting is worth it when you get to hear about a guy who punctured his scrotum. He was walking so very gingerly and then we overheard how he'd done it by smacking into some sort of chair. Ouch. I also enjoyed the time a couple police officers brought in a guy they'd pepper sprayed. Not sure what he did but if he's smart he won't do that again. He was whining and carrying on and then one of the cops said "Quite whining. We got sprayed too and you don't see us crying about it." Classic.

I wasn't there very long last night. I spent only about 45 minutes there when I went to pick her up after work. We did get to hear a lady on the phone telling someone about the guy she came to pick up. Apparently he'd broken his ankle when he crashed into a cornfield while skydiving. In my opinion that's about the most badassed way to break a bone. You could go up to just about anyone in a cast, listen to what happened to them and go "You think that's bad, listen to this story." Unless you bump someone who hurt himself fighting a couple bears, you win. I'm sure with all the ER visits in our future we'll eventually bump into that guy. Until then, we're pretty much in maintenance mode, trying to delay her next trip to get IV fluids and sit around for hours on end listening to all the stupid and unlucky stuff that happens to people.

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Fellowhger said...

Glad to hear your sweetie went in for fluids - if she can't, please keep us updated at HER if you can D.