Friday, July 11, 2008

Welcome To A World Of Pure Imagination

I absolutely love to see my kids using their imaginations. The things they come up with amaze me and usually crack me up. Well, it's mostly the three year old being imaginative. The little one is more into copying which is actually pretty entertaining too. One kid singing and dancing, cute. Two kids singing and dancing, hilarious.

Like I was saying though, the older one is at the stage where she's big into the pretend play. She likes to get a doll or stuffed animal and tell me "that's my baby and I'm a mommy". So far that hasn't led to any big criticisms of our parenting yet. Mostly she just pushes her in a stroller and puts her to sleep. Apparently, that's all she thinks we do as parents. Ever had a three year old tell you to be quiet so her baby doesn't wake up?

"Yeah, that would suck if someone woke her up while you were trying to get her to sleep. Any chance you're gonna keep that in mind tonight at bedtime? Didn't think so."

It's really cool how she sees things when she's playing. An entertainment centre is a dollhouse. A bunch of couch cushions thrown together is a castle. Put a couple chairs beside each other, grab a toy plate for a steering wheel and you've got a car. Oh, and anytime she's driving her car she make a stop at the Tim Horton's drivethrough. I haven't heard her ordering a double double yet but she's got Timbits and a drink down pat. That and the fact she uses debit anytime she's playing store are the best examples of how much she's been paying attention to us. It's not all castles and cars though. Her creative mind can backfire as when she uses it to avoid taking responsibility.

"Have you seen my keys?"

"I was playing with them."

"Can you go get them for me?"

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"A wizard disappeared them."

"Oh crap. Is he going to bring them back?"

"No, he disappeared them."

"Ok, just let me make a phone call.... Hi, I'm not going to be able to come in to work today because I can't drive my car. Apparently, a wizard disappeared me keys.... Yeah, a wizard disappeared them again. It's crazy right? I think I'm being targeted or someth.... What's that? If I don't show up for work today someone is going to make my job disappear? Damn wizards."

"Good news sweety, daddy's going to have lots of extra time for tea parties. You want to pass me the invisible Timbits and a cup of tea?"

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