Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kids Say The Darnedest Things

So we had our second doctor's appointment today. I got to keep the kids occupied while the ultrasound was going on. Thankfully, it didn't take long because there wasn't a lot of things around to keep them occupied. "Let's go look at the flowers outside. Ok, now let's go look at those flowers. Let's see if mom's done." All the vomiting, nausea and general sickness made us pretty much forget about the whole heart rate issue from last time. Happy to say everything was good this time. Heart rate was good and the other measurements were normal. Yay for us. Now we just have to deal with this whole 24/7 nauseous puking thing. No big deal but then again, I'm not the one who's sick.

Since there was some concern on the last visit, we held off telling our oldest about her future sibling. Now that our worries were lessened today we told her. Funny part is on the ride over, she asked from the backseat, in a super quiet voice, "Can we have another baby?" I guess we haven't kept it as secret from her as we'd thought. Or perhaps it was just really weird timing. Either way it was just another in a string of cute things she's been throwing at us lately.

For instance, there was bedtime last week. Some nights she gets out of her bed a lot before finally going to sleep. I'll hear a noise from the hallway and find her laying on the floor covered in her blanket. Of course we all know that children become invisible when covered like that. So time after time, I'll pick her up, march her back into her room, and tuck her back in. After repeating that process a few times my patience starts to wear thin. So I heard her on the monitor and went up to check. She's in the hallway as usual and I'm not impressed. "What are you doing out of bed now?!"

"Daddy, I just love you so much I was trying to find you."

"Damnit. Give me a second. I've got to sit down to recover from that cuteness."

Another night, I find he in the hallway at about 3 in the morning. This time she's asleep outside our doorway. "Why are you sleeping out here?"

"I, I don't know what's going on with me today."

"Damn, now your sister's up because I laughed too loud."

Then this morning I decide to take the girls to the park. I'm loading them into the stroller when the mail lady pulls up in front of the house. By mail lady I mean letter carrier, not some sort of transgendered person. Just wanted to make sure there was no confusion. Anyways, she walks on over and hands me a package. I see the return address is from my parents to I assume it's clothes for the girls. We took it inside so they could open it with their mom. Turns out the clothes inside were for their mom. That left the oldest pathetically asking "There's nothing in there for me?"

"I'm sure the next package will have something for you." That seemed to make her happy and we went back to the stroller. I get them mostly buckled in when the mail lady pulls up again. She hands me another package that she'd forgotten to give me the last time. It's addressed to my wife and I don't recognise the return address. "Are you friggin' kidding me? Three minutes after what I told her and I get screwed like this?" I've never flipped off a postal worker before but I was damn close today. It turns out the package, which I tossed into the car until after we got back from the park, was a very nice blanket one of my wife's friends had made for her. If you ask my oldest though it's a blanket that grandma sent her. She actually called her and said thank you. She took it with her to the doctor's office. She's held onto it all evening and is using it in bed right now.

When I tucked her in I told her how much I like the blanket. How soft and warm it looked. How nice it would be to sleep with it on. "I sure wish I had a nice blanket like that."

"Well, grandma didn't have enough blankets for you. She only have enough blankets for me."

"Oh man, I gotta lie down. You're wearing me out with the stuff you come up with. I'll enjoy it while I can though because I'm sure by the time you're a teenager the stuff you say will wear me out, just in a totally different way."

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Wendy said...

Thank goodness the news was so much better this time. I can breath a sigh of relief finally.

Kids do say the cutest things, and most especially when you least expect it.