Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fucks 'N Shakes

So with a title like that you're probably under the impression this is going to be about one of three things.

  1. A discussion about how some with a severe seizure disorder procreates.
  2. A list of rejected named for panda couples at your local zoo.
  3. A summary of the short lived Fox sitcom about two of the lesser known dwarfs, one a sexaholic and the other a recovering heroine addict. I'll pause while you IMDB that one.

All reasonable assumptions but this is actually a cautionary tale about watching what you say around your kids. While parenting the other day, I heard some grumbling coming from the stairs. I went to investigate and as I got closer I thought I heard my cute little three year old saying "Fucks 'n shakes". When I got to her she was struggling to get her shoes off and repeatedly saying "Fucks 'n shakes".

I asked, hoping I was misinterpreting what she'd said, "what are you saying?"

With an expression that can only be described as pride, she answered, "fucks 'n shakes, like you say."

I thought about it for a moment before I realised she must have heard me say "For fuck sakes", on more than one occasion I imagine, and figured that's what you say when you're frustrated. So as a role model I feel a bit deficient. As a parent though, I can take pride in the fact she understood the proper context to use the phrase and that if she keeps going at this pace she'll be cursing at a fourth or fifth grade level by the time she starts school. It's not an actual course in school but a skill we all need to have eventually.

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kelly said...

So funny! Your wife relayed the story to me but it is so much more humourous reading it in your words! No red flag words from my kids yet...they call "stupid" the bad s-word. We are lacking in vocabulary!