Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Differing Parental Viewpoints

My wife comes home from work one afternoon and is greeted at the door by the kids. Within moments she asks me why I cut the oldest's bangs. I wasn't the one responsible for the haircut. I didn't notice the haircut. I don't usually notice much about her hair to begin with. By the way, did you know that girls need their hair brushed everyday? Apparently, it turns into some giant tangle of Griswoldian Christmas light proportions if left unattended.

Like I was saying though, I told her no one had cut her hair. Not satisfied with that response she turned and asked, "who cut your hair?"

Without hesitation came her answer, "I did."

"Why did you cut it?"

"The hair was in my eyes."

"How did you cut it?"

"I used scissors"

Not wanting to flat out call our three year old a liar I asked her to show us where the scissors were. She didn't want to at first but once assured she wasn't in trouble she led us to table beside the couch. She moved aside a book and underneath were a great big pair of scissors. Thus verifying her story and leaving only two possible reactions to the situation.

I was impressed at the logic she used in creatively solving the problem of her hair getting in her eyes. I marvelled at the fact she possessed the dexterity to work such a large pair of scissor without hurting herself. I was proud she was responsible enough to realise the scissors were dangerous and hid them under a book so her little sister didn't get them. Her level of maturity in so many areas blew me away.

My wife's reaction, "I think the kids need more adult supervision."

I guess it's true what they say. One person's idea of an open-ended opportunity for personal growth through independent problem solving is another person's idea of reckless negligence.

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Erin said...

So how long until Childrens aid come to visit do you think??

Good thing she is so cute!