Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Concerns Have Been Raised

When the baby comes we're going to have to be careful. Well I guess that goes without saying. Caring for an infant and reckless abandon don't usually go hand in hand. Although combining the two could result in some pretty awesome youtube videos. Not to mention visits from child services so there's a bit of a trade off there.

Getting back on track though, we're going to have to be careful because of her big sisters. I had no idea just how many baby dolls we had in this house until recently. Seems like every time I turn around they're pushing one in a stroller, putting one to bed, or feeding one a bottle. Would be nice if it was a toy bottle they were using but it's still kind of sweet. The older one has really taken the whole baby excitement thing to heart. She's constantly talking about how she's going to hold the baby and all the fun things they'll do together. It's to the point that the other day she tried to pick up her little sister. One arm under the legs, the other behind the back and she was trying to stand up. She's kind of freaky strong too because once I helped her get to her feet she was almost able to hold up her 26 lb sister without any help. Eventually physics slapped her in the face and down they went, crumbling into a super cute giggling heap. It goes without saying that we'll have to keep a close eye on her once the baby gets here (March 9 in case you're wondering).

On top of the physical concerns, there's the armchair parenting that goes on. For instance, she's taken it upon herself to make sure we're aware when we say a bad word. Not only that, but if, as an example, you happen to be driving somewhere and use some harsh language to point out the deficiencies of other motorists (more of a responsibility than a right in my opinion) then she's more than willing to let people know about it later. "Daddy said a bad word on the way here." At least she doesn't repeat the word.

That's not the only on board parenting she's been doing lately. The other day one of her parents, not saying who so as not to embarrass her, was driving when the song Baby Got Back came on the radio. As we all know, it's been scientifically proven that it is impossible to not sing along to that song. I've always thought they should play it full blast in war zone or riot situations. Before you know it everyone would just be singing along an shaking their asses. Order restored. Anyways, an unidentified parent was singing along in the driver seat when a voice came from the back. "Do you think this is a good song for kids?" Holy crap, friggin' kid is her own V-chip.

All things considered, she seems to have her unborn sister's best interest at heart which is nice. We just need to help her hold onto the baby and she'll keep the baby free from obscenities and inappropriate lyrics. Her little sister, on the other hand, has gotten into the habit of tossing her baby dolls into the air which she thinks is hilarious.

"Yeah, I think we're going to hold off on you carrying the baby. How about some Sir Mix-A-Lot to distract and entertain you?"

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Heather said...

I don't comment often, but your blog is a fantastic read. I really enjoy hearing the stories and I'm excited for March to arrive b/c I'm sure there will only be more laughs ahead.
It is true that Baby Got Back cannot be ignored. My son actually began singing loudly from the shopping cart at the grocery store, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me". To make it worse at 3 1/2 he enjoys changing lyrics up so one day Target it became, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like Mommy and Daddy"
I'm definitely going to have to share your blog address so I can share the laughs.