Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve isn't exactly a parent friendly celebration. Toddlers tend to slow you down when it comes to drunken partying late into the night. A stinky diaper will clear some space for you in tight quarters so that's a plus. It's not a big concern of mine though because I've never been big on New Year's. I don't drink, I'm not a big fan of crowds or parties, and I don't like the idea of New Year's resolutions. How about this for a tradition, we take the time to look at our own perceived personal deficiencies and vow to do things differently this year. Basically, it's pick one of the following: I'm going to a) eat better b) exercise more c) lose weight or d) quit smoking. Then try to make it out of January without breaking your pledge. Good times.

Anyways, our evening was pretty tame but good. We started out by ordering Chinese food for supper, as we do every New Year's Eve. Tried a couple things we hadn't had before, no idea what it was, and discovered why we hadn't tried them before. Always fun to give someone six dollars and ask tell them to go cook something to try and make you puke. It's the chance you take when trying new things I guess. (Nobody was close to vomiting; we just didn't care for whatever it was.)

After supper we played a bit and then it was bedtime. I took the older one and my wife took the little one. She got hers to sleep fairly easily and I fell asleep in the bed with mine. Just the little nap I needed to help get me to midnight. Certainly needed some help because it was a piss poor night for TV watching. For some reason the TV networks assumed people wouldn't be watching TV last night. Go figure. We ended up watching the Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie which was hilarious. A little more male frontal nudity than I expect to see in a movie but it certainly helped move along the story and added to the laughs. Kids kept waking up though so it took about an hour longer than it should have to watch. Not complaining because that just got us that much closer to twelve and the dropping of the ball. That's the two traditions we have is ordering Chinese food and watching them drop that ball in Times Square.

I've got to say though that watching Dick Clark's Rocking Eve has just gotten sad. I'm not just talking about the fact it gives even more media exposure to Ryan Seacrest. Since his stroke it just makes me sad to listen to Dick Clark ring in the new year. On one hand it's nice that he's still able to get out there since it's his thing but I still find it hard to watch. It's not as hard as watching Seacrest but it's up there.

Overall, I'd say it was about as good an evening as it could have been. We both stayed up until midnight, the kids pretty much slept through, and there wasn't any vomiting. With two young kids and an HGing wife the upchucking was the big question mark so it was a happy new year indeed.

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HGer2 said...

A puke-free NY's eve is always a good start!