Monday, September 8, 2008

I Fixed The Keyboard

That's right, I fixed the keyboard. I poked around a bit in the back and noticed that the flux capacitor was impinging on the labrum. A little counter clockwise rotation of the tubular joint arm and it was good as new. Fine, what really happened was the power went out for like three seconds and when it came back on everything was working fine. I have no idea what caused it or how that brief power outage fixed it. Personally, I think Scientology was the cause of it all. Friggin' Xenu using thetans to keep me from reaching the bridge to total freedom. All that crap I was saying doesn't sound so stupid anymore eh?

Anyways, let's see what's happened in the past week. That hurricane came and went. My parents evacuated, to a bed and breakfast in Mississippi. Who evacuates to a bed and breakfast? Apparently, they believe you can't spell evacuation without vacation. Wonder if that would work for us. A little natural disaster in exchange for a night away sounds like a fair deal to me. I say one night because that's how long their evacucation lasted. They went home the next day to find their neighbourhood pretty much undamaged. So that was one crisis averted.

The other big cloud hanging over our heads last week was the beginning of the school year. My wife couldn't come up with any way of avoiding going back to work so she had to just bite the bullet. I'd like to say she got a nice restful night's sleep the night before but I can't. In the middle of the night our youngest fell out of our bed. The laundry left on the floor provided a safe landing area so she wasn't hurt, just startled. My wife said she woke up to find the little one crying and just sort of walking in circles. I was in the basement watching TV at the time and heard the commotion on the baby monitor. I started tearassing (screw you spell check; if I say it's a word then it's a word) up the stairs. I got the top of the stairs when I misstepped. My foot slipped off the stair and onto the one below causing me to go over on my ankle a bit. So there's the baby walking in circles as she comes to grips with her confusion about why she's suddenly on the floor, my wife sitting up in bed trying to figure out why she's being denied the sleep she so desperately needs, and me on the floor trying to determine if I've actually hurt myself or not. Then just to add to the fun, that's when the oldest starts calling out from her room that she needs us. If I'd been in my wife's shoes I think that's when I would have called in sick to work. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure this isn't a good sign so I'm not coming in today. I haven't checked the union contract but I'm pretty sure we're granted a couple bad omen days each year."

She didn't stay home though. She went to work. Sick, tired, and tethered to a pump full of meds but she made it through the week. A four day week but it still counts. It's got to be wearing her out but she's holding up pretty well. Or she's hiding it well. If it was me I'd be super tired, pissed off all the time, and constantly on the verge of a profanity infused blow up that would make a bout of tourrette's look like a church sermon. But that's me. She hasn't gone that route yet but who knows what the future holds. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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