Saturday, April 20, 2013

Use the Force

It's funny how something like going to the bathroom and finding a bunch of goldfish crackers floating in the toilet can make you question your parenting.  I asked my four year old why they were there and she told me "that's what you do with fish, put them in water".  Can't argue with that logic so score one for us.  Not sure unfettered access to the crackers and toilet was good thinking though.  And deep down I'm a little disappointed she didn't take it a step further by setting herself up with a fishing rod to catch them.  Pretty sure that was just a matter of time.  All in all, I'd classify that one as some good some bad.  Other times there is no doubt.

Case in point, the other morning before school.  I was at the couch helping the older two go over some homework and review science for a test.  Reminds me, don't tell a six year old the way to test states of matter is by trying to pass through it unless you're prepared to have her run into you to see what classification you fall into.  Anyways, from the kitchen entrance little miss four year old yells "aah, a bug".  She then reaches for the nearest thing to her to squash it.  In this case it was her sister's lightsabre because who doesn't keep a lightsabre by the kitchen?  Without even hesitating she turned it on before going after the ant.  Perfectly logical.  Why smash something with the handle when you could attack it with a laser sword?  Obi Wan could have easily knocked the guy in the cantina out with the butt end of his lightsabre but instead he lopped off an arm and set an example.  Someone smacks your friend over the head in a bar and you might jump in.  Your friend gets his arm chopped off by a friggin' laser sword and suddenly you guys weren't that close anyway.

Back to my tale, the battle sounds and flashes continue as the little one is engaged in a battle to the death with this poor ant.  I was rooting for the ant so he could go back to the colony with stories of how a vengeful god with a friggin' laser sword tried to smite him.  I'm trying not to wet myself while watching this when suddenly from the couch Cameron jumps up, raises her hand Vader style and growls "I sense a disturbance."  No doubts at all, these kids are being raised right.


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